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The Romance Review

Inspired by Mother Nature

 Over the years my appreciation for nature has grown, slowly I've begun to see the beauty in God’s creation. But this spring had a profound impact on my way of thinking, a window opened up in my soul that has given my life new meaning, a new perspective.

 Who would not feel enthused and refreshed by the springtime, especially after a long cold snowy winter? This one to me was extremely inspirational. I felt like a thread being woven through a living, breathing tapestry of immense beauty. It was a new and wonderful realization, a spiritual awakening.

 I felt drawn to the essence of new life, as it emerged mysteriously, from a ground that only yesterday was cold frigid and lifeless. I was amazed and fascinated as I watched it manifest into form. The magical, musical sounds of the birds with their various tunes and tones so willing to serenade us, so eager to share our space. The familiar buzzing of the insects. That pesky, mischievous bunch of critters that appear so fragile and so innocent. All the tiny woodland creatures, drowsy but eager. Uninhibited and unchanged by our culture or the hands of time. The fresh earthy smell of newly ploughed soil, the enchanting fragrance of the honeysuckle, apple blossom and lilac. The soft velvety feel of the pussy willows and tacky yellow glue of the poplar buds are leaders in the procession of this exciting yet mystifying sequence of events.

 Soon the fullness and abundance of summer will be upon us. Mother Nature will be dressed in her Sunday best, with vibrant vivid colours of wild flowers and multiple shades of green against a pale blue canvas. What human hand could match the diversity and loveliness of her amazing landscape? Yes, I am captivated and in awe at this nature I once found mundane. And as I bask in this new awareness, this new awakening, I ask myself why I preferred the sterile surroundings of my home, school and hall with their cold lifeless exteriors and stagnant air, to the freedom and serenity of this authentic wonderland. Why Indeed. I now find myself preferring to take a walk through the woods rather than a shopping spree at the mall. My Age? Maybe, or perhaps this spring resurrected my inner child and a longing for a more simple life far away from the hectic pace of this artificial existence. To a place of harmony and peace, simple and unsophisticated. Where appearances are of little consequence and material possessions have no value or substance. Where time is only an illusion, infinite and flowing. A place where dreams and imagination have no limits and the mind is unrestricted and free from conformity and the demands of the ego. Here in my own wilderness, I have a chance to probe into the essence of reality, to consider the meaning of this saner kind of life and embrace its simpler and purer values. Safe, warm and content in the arms of Mother Nature.   

 I am not alone with my love and fascination for nature. “It is not simply a cultural phenomenon.” Explains Dr. Edward Wilson, Pulitzer Prize winning Conservation Biologist. “There is evidence it is a deep biological urge. The love for living things is genetic, encoded in human beings to ensure balance, harmony and preservation.” This new theory is called Biophilia.